Spring Forward - Fall Back

Spring Forward - Fall Back

With daffodils sprouting and lambs hopping, excitement is in the air as the beginning of British summer is marked. The clocks going forward an hour this month always creates an upheaval for many tired parents across the UK, with a slight anger that we have been robbed of an hour and there is no one to blame. Oh, and that Sunday lie in you were looking forward to? Not much of a lie in anymore. The debate of when to start adjusting all the clocks around the house is also obligatory, alongside the familiar paranoia of getting the direction right.

Whether you’re extra organised and change your clocks early enough to spend a whole day out of sync, or you’ve let the last minute panic hit hoping they will change miraculously, the Julian Charles team have come up with some top tips to save you and your family from the lighter nights fiasco.

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Sometimes you just need to take a nap pillow

Whether we like to admit it or not, we all fall into the same bad habits when it comes to the time change. Midday naps will always become a must to help you get through the whole day (without losing your sanity completely). However, napping after 3 o’clock is said to put a spanner in the works when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep. So, after your first week adjusting, getting out of the nap routine really will save you in the long run. In terms of the kids nap times, push them back by 15 minutes every day for the first week, in hope this will help set their sleep routine ready for their proper night’s sleep.

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Candles & Diffusers

Allowing plenty of time for a bedtime routine is also essential for getting a good night sleep. Relaxation time whether it’s a warm bath/shower, a warm milky drink for the kids, a chamomile tea for yourself and a good book, can really help you unwind. Our beautiful candles and diffusers in Lavender Garden are the perfect scent and remedy to help you drift off into a sleep haven, whether they are dispersed around your bedroom or set alight around the bath. Switching off all electronics and screens before going to sleep is also important, due to the blue light emitted from these devices affecting your sleep quality. So try tearing the kids away from the TV as early as possible and limit their screen time.

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Your pillow

Duvets & Pillows

Believe it or not, choosing the right pillow to suit you, your sleep position and your body, can determine your sleep quality. Take a look at our website and treat yourself to a new pillow from our large collection, from firm to soft to supportive, we have a pillow to suit every kind of sleeper. You’ll be amazed the differences a good pillow can make, and how they will help get you one step closer to your great night’s sleep.

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Blackout Curtains

We all know when it comes to the weekend, the ability to lie in is proving even tougher, no thanks to the clock change. Thicker and darker curtains in bedrooms to block out the blinding day light are essential, and we have the perfect solution. Our blackout curtains are easy, affordable and we supply a colour range to complement any room décor so they can be fashionable and functional. Getting the kids to bed is also a task in itself, so there is no fooling them when it comes to earlier bed times. Our blackout curtains are even more essential for the little ones bedrooms to block out all the light and to encourage the sense that bedtime is coming.

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Make Change Gradual


If blackout curtains just aren’t enough to stop playing havoc with their sleep pattern, try tweaking their bedtime routine. If you want to avoid your child waking up earlier on a Sunday morning, keeping them awake a little longer on Saturday night or tiring them out with exercise or activities all day, will help them fall into a good long sleep naturally. For the super organised parents, we suggest you try moving bedtime back in 15 minutes increments every day for a week, so by Saturday night they will have reached the full hour. When moving bedtime back, be sure to move their whole routine back including meals, snacks and bath times to continue the consistency. It is also important to adjust your routine in accordance to your children’s, to help reinforce their new sleep habit.

Rest assured, any disruption caused by the clocks going back will just be temporary, and that great sleep routine you and your little ones were in, will eventually return to its rightful and natural ways.

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