New Season | New Duvet

New Season | New Duvet

Down your tog

Spring has finally arrived and summer is on the horizon, meaning longer days, brighter evenings and warmer nights. It's time to ditch that thick heavy winter duvet and opt for a lighter version. But what to choose? Here at Julian Charles, we have put together a guide to give you a helping hand in finding the right duvet for you. Choosing a duvet has never been easier!

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Sleeping under a duvet with the right tog is pretty essential for a good night’s rest, as being too warm or too cold can disrupt your sleep. Before deciding on your tog preference, the decision must be made as to whether you want a natural or synthetic fill. But whats the difference?

Naturaldown duvet

Natural filled duvets have their pros and cons. They are not recommended for people with allergies and can be tough to wash. However they do last longer, retain the most heat and can be worth spending the extra money on if you're looking for true duvet indulgence. They provide the benefit of being both durable and naturally breathable, with the lightest of all natural fillings being down, also known as goose feather. Our top duvet pick is our goose feather and down 10.5 tog duvet, beautifully light and great value for money!rolled up down duvet

Down from geese is the most popular choice as its the largest kind, meaning it catches more air and makes the duvet feel lighter. This filling also has the ability to trap air in for a thermal effect, and can be mixed with feathers to create a slightly heavier but cheaper duvet alternative. Silk is another more rare natural filling choice, which is kind to your skin and hair according to beauticians. So ladies, get noting!


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Synthetic duvets are known to be cheaper, easier to wash and are a practical alternative to natural filling with them being non-allergenic. When washed, synthetic fibres tend to keep their shape better due to the fibre distribution. Our synthetic 10.5 tog duvet has been created to feel just like down with its soft and fluffy down-like clusters to create a gentle drape.

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Due to scientific advancements, synthetic fillings have become lighter and more breathable, with the ability to produce high quality blends, so if you don't have the cash to splash this season on a new duvet, go for a high quality synthetic.


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The next stage is to select your tog, which can often be tricky to choose in those awkward seasonal change transition periods.
A 3-4.5 Tog would be classed as a summer-weight duvet as it is one of the lightest you can buy and ideal for warmer temperatures. A winter duvet can range from 10.5 Tog all the way up to 15 Tog, keeping you extra cosy through the chilly season. A 4.5 Tog duvet is a popular choice for this Spring season, providing enough warmth to keep you comfortable but without making you too hot. If you prefer not to change duvets in accordance to season, opt for a happy- medium 7.5 or 10.5 Tog which both work as an all year round option, depending on your personal preference. Our 5 Star luxury super soft duvet in 10.5 tog is the perfect all season option!

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So, seen as we spend one third of our lives sleeping, lets make sure we spend it in pure comfort. However, we cannot make the duvet decision for you, this is purely a guide to help you on your way to making the final choice. How you like to feel in bed as well as how much heat you naturally generate should also be considered. 

Sleep Secrets

Here are some top tips for helping you to optimise your sleep and get the best rest possible under your new duvet!

  • Have a warm shower or bath before bed, a cold shower will cause your body temperature to increase to counteract the cold.
  • Avoid naps in the afternoon if you trouble sleeping.
  • Stay hydrated throughout the day and into the night. Keep a glass of cool water at your bedside to quench night-time thirst.
  • Evaluate your room and design your sleeping environment to the exact conditions you need to sleep. For example find your perfect temperature and block out any white noise such as fans or any other machines/devices.
  • Stick to a sleep schedule- go to bed at the same time every night including the weekends and you will find your body will fall into a natural sleeping pattern.

Find our what are customers sleep secrets are!

"Exercise always works for me and sends me straight off to sleep!"

"I always make sure to have my evening meal earlier in the evening, there's nothing worse than going to sleep on a full stuffed stomach!"

"I keep the same 10.5 tog all season duvet all year round and I always manage to stay a nice temperature in bed"

"I try to not go on my phone before I go to bed to help get my eyes and mind into sleep mode"

"My 4.5 tog duvet is perfect for spring as I tend to generate a lot of heat when I'm asleep"

"Stopping my caffeine intake after lunch helps me feel drowsier in the evenings"

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