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Any parent knows just how hard it is to let those not so 'little' ones go and finally fly the nest. Moving away from home is a daunting step for everyone and the feel of apprehensive teens is in the air as their new big adventure to University is soon to embark, or their return for the second or final year of studies. To ensure they get the most out of their experience and settle in as best they can, we have the perfect guide to help them personalise their first flat to make them feel at home in their new space.


university work desk

If you're on return to university and you're moving from student accommodation to your first shared house, create your own individually styled space with a new set of essentials. However, if your experience is just beginning, on initial arrival, University halls can be quite frightening at first glance. With a bare, empty and cold room with god awful curtains and a questionable looking mattress. But have no fear, our University essential collections has everything you need to bring their space to life without breaking the bank.


chrome alarm clock

First things firsts, an alarm clock. Every teenager lives for their lie ins, but unfortunately last nights and early morning lectures do not mix well. Be sure to not to oversleep and invest in our quirky little chrome alarm clock that is sure to wake you up without over snoozing.

Their sleep is one of the most important things, especially when it comes to needing a well rested brain to retain all those new facts and figures. With this in mind, we have the perfect range of bedding to suit any students style and comfort, marketed at the lowest possible price range to make it affordable to all. All our bed sets at just £19.99, offer quirky reversible designs to give them 2 trend options for their room, also meaning they can put off the dreaded laundry experience for another week.

retro bedding

Our Retro bedding set is perfect for an on-trend room refresh with its vibrant colours and unisex geometric design.

floral retro bedding

Grace is a lively, chic and sophisticated take on florals, with beautiful colour pop blooms and on trend complimenting geos on the reverse, perfect for any girl looking for a modern twist on the classic flower.

checkered bedding

Our Logan bedding is a rustic yet refined take on check in a warm colour palette to fit any interior, with a modern vertical stripe on the reverse for two contrasting designs.


duvet with pillows

Choosing the right duvet and pillow can be detrimental to their sleep quality and comfort at night, but we all know they're not the cheapest of essentials. Our starter pack at £19.99 includes both a duvet and pillow together, what a bargain! They're sumptuously soft and, at this price, will help your purse stretch that bit further for those last remaining bits and pieces.


mattress protector

Everybody knows there is nothing like your own bed, so realising you've been landed with a springy bumpy mattress, isn't the least bit inviting. However, this problem can be easily solved with our mattress and pillow protector pack from as little as £6. These can be enough to turn their bed into a sleep haven.


towel pile

Taking an overload of towels is always a must due to the washing machines being used as sparingly as possible, leaving them with at least one clean towel at all times. Whether they are using an en-suite or shared bathroom, our beautiful Egyptian cotton towels from as little as £5 will give them sumptuously soft warmth, absorbency and fast drying time.


three cushions

Although some may consider them as far fetched, soft furnishings including pillows and throws can be enough to instantly transform their room into the ultimate chill and hang out zone. Brighten up your room with our vibrant colour cushions/throws, or opt for our cute factor cushions to add character and aww-factor.


collage of home accessories

Last but certainly not least, accessories. Male or female, everyone likes little artefacts and memories around their room to remind them of home, family and friends. We have an array of different accessories to choose from such as photo frames from £4.99, to hanging Home Sweet Home signs, shabby chic wooden slogan boards and keepsake boxes, offering something for each individuals personal style.

Shop all our Back to Uni essentials over on our website and get ahead of the game this Summer!

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