Perfecting The Art Of Healthy Living...

Perfecting The Art Of Healthy Living...

As we take a step into 2017, the fitness industry continues to boom as we adopt the all too familiar ‘new year, new me’ slogan. In order to conform to the ever growing healthy image expectation, the hardest part is finding the motivation to keep up a fit, healthy lifestyle which will make us look and feel better about ourselves. So, keep your fingers on the pulse by reading our insight into the new fitness trends of the year, which are sure to excite your inner healthy self.


You’ll find injecting health and exercise into your lifestyle will instantly help you shake off that self-loathe whilst feeling great and emitting a healthy glow that we all pine for.




Inspired by the 2016 Rio Olympics, channelling your inner carnival dancer is exactly what our first fitness trend is about. Zumba! I’m sure many of you will be aware of this fitness fave as it has been continually popular throughout the past few years. Combining dance routines with exercise is the perfect way to have fun and forget that you’re working out! Zumba helps you burn fat with its high intensity speed, whilst toning your body with those carefully executed movements. Most gyms and leisure centres now offer Zumba classes, so why not enquire about sessions within your local area and have your leg warmers at the ready!



This year we have seen the introductory of the new PHIIT workout which was created to provide busy fitness enthusiasts with a full body workout all in one go. If you’re looking to build a leaner and more toned body, this is the perfect class for you. Combining Pilates with High Intensity Interval Training, this class is aimed at targeting every muscle group to really challenge yourself. NOTE- This type of exercising may not be for those new to exercise, but once your initial fitness is built up, the deep core exercises and peaks of cardio training will seem much more do-able.



There is no secret that this style of exercise is still coming out top trumps year after year. After science confirming that it helps bring clarity, calm and removes both mind and body tensions, Meditation is one for everyone to try. Although some don’t see Mediation as exercise due to its low intensity and lack of fat burning, there are many benefits to our health it can bring which are all ways to improve our life style and way of living. Reducing stress levels, relieving destructive thoughts and anxieties, improving sleep, cardiovascular health and building up our immune systems are amongst the array of benefits to our bodies and mentalities, that Meditation can bring. People of any age, gender and ability level can take part in this activity, whether it be at a local sports centre class or within your own home supported by a Youtube tutorial.



You know what they say, you never forget how to ride a bike! So why not hop back on that seat, but this time, in the water! Yes you heard us right, ‘Pool biking’ or ‘Hydrospinning' is the next big thing. For those of you that have taken part in a spinning class before, we all know how tough but effective these can be. So, imagine the resistance multiplied by 12 once underwater, and twice as effective as an aqua aerobics session. Providing a more gentle pressure on your joints whilst working multiple muscle groups at different speeds and intensities, let the music and endorphins take over as you pedal away with all you’ve got! A mixture of ability levels are welcomed to these classes and everyone can cycle at a pace that suits them. Check online for any Pool Biking or Hydrospinning classes near you to get involved with the new hype!


Clean Eating

clean eating

It’s all about a healthy balance between good food and regular exercise, keeping in mind that everything is within moderation. Don’t let yourself obsess over weight loss supplements or get bogged down over a detox, but instead find a balance between eating the foods you love combined with healthy choices in sensibly sized portions. It’s easier than you think, and channeling the correct mindset can help you a lot. To ensure a healthy weight and diet, be sure to include plenty of vegetables, colourful fruits, essential fats and lean proteins. So, in order to take charge of our health, lets take a look at what the dietitians and health experts are telling us in order to stick to those new year resolutions.It’s time to have a complete clear out of all those junk and processed foods you have hidden at the back of your cupboards, that you know you just can’t resist when you have a weak moment.



Replace refined grains such as white rice/bread, pasta, sugary cereals, cookies and crackers, with healthier options such as whole grain quinoa, brown rice, rye bread, and unsalted nuts and seeds for alternative snacking options.



Although some see these as rabbit or bird food, including more seeds in your diet can be a huge positive when bringing healthy fats and proteins into your diet. Pair flax seeds, sunflower seeds or sesame seeds with soups, yoghurts or porridge for an extra healthy and tasty combination.



Hydrogenated oils and salad dressings can often be the devil in disguise, so instead swap these for healthy olive oils, lemon juice, avocado oils and balsamic vinegars.



Important for digestion, fruit and vegetables provide the fibre you need to reduce cancers and aid a healthy heart. Berries can have a great impact on your general health, immune system and even improve your skin, so try sprinkling them on your breakfast or in yoghurt for dessert. Note: Although fruits contain natural sugars and are important to include in our daily diets, these must be eaten in moderation and balanced with veg for the 5 a day system. Eating too many pieces of fruit a day can cause eventual weight gain and an uncomfortable stomach acid.



When you feel yourself getting peckish, try snacking on vegetables such as carrot and celery sticks paired with a humus dip to tantalise your tastebuds.
You may even want to join the ever evolving green shake hype by blending a mixture of your favourite greens with some fruit to get you 5 a day in, in one hit.
Our favourite green shake combination to try is a mix of avocado, apple juice, ginger, spinach, cucumber and coriander blended with ice to create a yummy green slushy.

Grain Bowls

grain bowls

The perfect option for finicky eaters this year are the invention of the grain bowl. Containing a base of either brown rice, quinoa or lentils, the possibilities are endless and are bound to please any palette. Whether you are out and about looking for a healthy lunch option or fancy making yourself a guilt-free weekend meal, create your own grain bowl with your choice of either non-refined carbs or leafy greens, topped with multitude of protein options. From chicken, beef and fish to beans and a rainbow of fruit and veg, the customisation of your bowl can be different and exciting every time. If you’re looking for some grain bowl inspiration and recipes try searching the web for your perfect concoction.



Ensure each dish contains a good balance of lean protein such as chicken, turkey or fish, alongside a non refined carbohydrate such as sweet potato or brown rice, with a side of vegetables. This style of dish is key if you’re hoping to loose/maintain a healthy weight.

Our last tip, remember to be consistent, keep your diet and exercise varied and be sure to enjoy yourself along the way, good luck!

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