Wedding Guest Etiquette

Wedding Guest Etiquette

Our Top Five Tips for Making Sure You Are Everyone’s Favourite Guest!

1. Be the first to reply!

A quick response shows that you are honoured to be invited and already looking forward to the big day. It also shows that you’ve made it a top priority in your diary. As a general rule, your RSVP should be sent back within a week of receiving the invitation, with a short personal note letting the couple know how excited you are for them.
If you can’t attend the wedding say why and send the couple your good wishes. If you live nearby, it’s nice to arrange a time after the wedding to celebrate with the newlyweds.

Wedding R.S.V.P Invitation

2. Your invitation is non-transferable

If your other half can’t attend, it doesn’t mean your sister or best friend can take their place. The invitation is extended only to the persons whose names are on the envelope. If you have been invited to bring a ‘plus one’, you should always include the name of the person who will be joining you on your RSVP.

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3. Check if there is a gift list and send your present ahead

It is rare for gifts to be opened at a wedding reception, so it’s more thoughtful to send your gift in advance, to avoid the logistical nightmare of getting gifts packed into a car after the big day. The happy couple can then open their gifts and write their thank-you notes as and when the gifts trickle in. Why not give some beautiful Egyptian cotton sheets and towels, a keepsake to store wedding memories in or a frame to depict memories of the special day forever.

Wedding Presents

4. Arrive at the wedding at least twenty minutes before the start time

That gives you time to say hello to friends, familiarise yourself with the venue find yourself a seat before the main event. Once you are seated, be sure to switch off your mobile phone, so that you aren’t tempted to peek at any calls or messages that come through. Turn it off during the reception too!

Wedding Thankyou

5. A thank you goes a long way

If the wedding was hosted by someone other than the happy couple (their parents for example), it is nice to send a note of appreciation to them after the event, letting them know what a fabulous time you had. A little gesture can go a long way.

Wishing you all a very happy wedding season!

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