Chic Boho Fusion

Chic Boho Fusion

Our design team have been keeping a watchful eye for the latest emerging trends this Summer from both here and abroad and lets face it, nothing screams Summer like Boho chic!

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Make your indoor environment reflect the shades of the outdoors, from vibrant green grass to brightly coloured florals, our true colour crushes this Summer. This is not a trend for the faint hearted...

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The Boho trend reflects the free spirited Bohemian way, blending different cultures and time periods together harmoniously. The rules for this trend are simple. Think an array of popping colours, organic, raw textures, plant-life and global inspired crafts.

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Jewel-toned colour palettes can give your abode that little pick-me-up it needs. Green is a colour seen from runway through to interior this season and with so many tones and shades, this colour can be used to suit each individual style and preference. Combined with other jewel tones such as sapphire blue, this colour palette will delight all your earthly senses. If you’re looking to evoke a more Mediterranean-chic theme, opt for the classic and warm terracotta hue throughout your flooring, throws, lamps and vases.

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Our Bohemia inspired Farah bedding has adopted a more grown-up style with a whitewashed background and luxury coral embroidery for an eye-catching colour accent, whilst our Aria bedding offers a warmer more Morrocan inspired theme with a sandy background.

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Mix and matching textures such a crochets with patchworks and weaving with silk embroidery can be used throughout home accessories such as cushions, rugs, stylish utility baskets or wall hangings. These small and significant pieces are what will quickly inject a trend update around the home without completing a whole room makeover. Macrame is one of the biggest traits of the Boho trend and has resurfaced as an interior staple since the survival of the 70s. Use this craft through knitted pouffes and throws. Organic materials such as wood and stone can be used throughout statement living room furniture pieces such as quirky coffee tables or large ornaments to bring a soothing natural vibe to the space. For the bedroom, create a bed canopy from a piece of quirky fabric and embellish your window sills with succulent plants including baby cacti.

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Offset your bedding or bedroom furniture with a woven, slub piled textured throw like our coral Mika throw. The elegant tassel trim will add playfulness and an extra textural layer.


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Using traditional designs and patterns from North Africa, India and South America influences are what create the global and well-travelled look. An eclectic mix will surround you with memories from your past journeys and imperfect patterns and crafts bring a sense of history and authenticity.

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Our Boho scatter cushions feature rows of abstract feather outlines with large stylised florals and bold outlines to represent a cultural tribal style.

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