The Scents of Summer

The Scents of Summer

They say that every home has it’s own scent which is both recognisable and memorable to each individual environment. Scent has the ability to transform your mood, relax your mind and create an ambience through its powerful fragrance bursts.

With our new range of reed diffusers, candles and room sprays, each scent will capture a different memory, feeling, person or season.


floral fragrance

Fruity fragrances are ideal for Summer for a number of reasons. Fruity scents are lighter than florals which means they are less overpowering and don’t feel hot and sticky on those warm Summer evenings.

Our Pomegranate scented products offer a soft, light and sweet scent with its ruby-red rich juices, perfect for giving your home a bright delicious scent this Summer.

Pomegranate collection

There are then those zesty, citrus scents which are the stronger more punchy alternatives to the soft fruity notes. Beginning with a sharp, tarty tang, these scents will ensure everything stays smelling exotic and delicious.

Opt for a more punchy fruit aroma with our Lime and Mandarin scent for a mouthwatering Caribbean medley or tropical zests. The perfectly vibrant essence for your home this season.

Lime and Mandarin collection


floral fragrance

Arguably one of the most popular fragrances, florals can be transmitted through fresh, soft or intense notes. Offer a fresh, romantic and feminine aroma to your space through a harmony of different floral notes within the bouquet. With therapeutic remedies, indulge in the sweet vibrancy of Lavender, the delicate woody musk of violet and the smooth yet spicy scent of freshly cut Lillie's.

Looking for a soft and tasteful floral fragrance? Look no further than our Grapefruit and Mimosa scented accessories, which offer a soft floral base from the mimosa and a tangy fruit top note from the tart grapefruit.

Grapefruit and Mimosa collection


floral fragrance

Also known as a floral woody musk, woody fragrances have shown a real resurgence throughout scent trends this year with more and more woman wearing these. These long lasting fragrances offer a deep, mysterious scent of sensual sandalwood to edgy cedar for a rich, complex aroma which can give your home and living space a fresh, modern essence. With fresh, peachy bodies and bases of creamy vanilla and fresh sandalwood, expect a soft breezy scent throughout your home which leaves a delicious lingering aroma.

Elevate your sense with our woody White tea products which disperse an oriental base or bergamot and a sweet warm body of vanilla for a sensual, relaxing aroma.

White tea collection

Shop our entire Home Fragrance collection here and find the scent that will transform your house into a home.

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