The Modern Farmhouse

The Modern Farmhouse

How To Create Your Dream Modern Farmhouse

country house conversion

Master that renovated-barn look no matter what your surroundings are as the modern farmhouse takes over the interior design world. Build in your personal style by opting for a traditional rustic and cosy style or use minimal pieces to portray a more contemporary organic country space. Although there may be no place for high gloss in a true farmhouse, choosing the correct elements will bring your space right up to date whilst keeping its rustic charm.

Wood, Metal and Brick

wood metal and brick room

It’s no secret that raw wood is anything but groundbreaking for a classic farmhouse design, but why not continue this classic cottage appeal by using a series of different wood tones and finishes throughout ceilings, floors, panels and exposed beams. For a more modern twist with an industrial appeal, create an exposed brick wall that can be used as a feature wall in your main room. Decorate this with shelves and eclectic looking books and ensure the rest of your walls are white or any woods are white washed to avoid overpowering the sophistication of this design. The addition of complimentary metals such as iron, copper and chrome bring a traditional farmhouse up to date with a shimmering finish. This approach is especially effective throughout your kitchen by choosing chrome seating, lighting and appliances.

Farmhouse Fabrics

country bedroom

Farmhouse accessories are what bring personality, charm and love to your space. Originally, old farmhouses used patchwork quilts to embellish their beds, crafted from old scraps and unworn clothes. Today we have a more modern option for this style with manufacturers now creating quilts with new colours and patterns. The variety of colours, patterns and textures lend themselves to layering and stacking for an eclectic look. Farmhouse fabrics are the smallest, quickest and easiest fix to transforming your space into a modern country abode. The trick is to not be afraid of a pattern clash and mix linens with mohairs and florals with stripes for a well-loved, personality-full, finish.

Our Camille duvet set offers two reversible designs, both with delicate and classical florals in duck eggs and muted hues, complimenting your modern farmhouse look beautifully with its essence of traditional chic.

Heart of the Home

country modern kitchen

Using furniture crafted from raw wood will bring warmth to your space and can evoke a real cosy appeal. An ample piece of furniture to compliment this modern farmhouse look is the large, sturdy, solid wood farmhouse table. At the heart of the house, your kitchen table should be your gathering place for friends and family holding memories and a long, well-loved lifetime. Offer your table a modernised face-lift by using rustic benches with quirky cushions, industrial metal seats or elegant upholstered chairs with neutral fabric covers. For your kitchen walls, create an open shelf style display with old and new crockery, platters and plates stacked in piles to add extra character. Be sure to keep the colour scheme to a bare minimum to allow you to move pieces around with ease whilst maintaining your overall look and avoid over-powering.


Our quirky home accessories including our mini chalk board is the ideal addition for a personal and eclectic look in your kitchen space.


modern farmhouse fireplace

Any real farmhouse will feature a beautifully traditional wood fireplace surrounded by an ornamental mantlepiece. To transform your old fireplace into a modern version try giving it a fresh lick of white wash paint and use large wicker vintage baskets to store your firewood, making these a decorative, authentic feature. If you do not currently have a fireplace and we admit, it isn’t the easiest and cheapest thing to install, then why not try using a faux mantel piece crafted from reclaimed wood. In laying this against a wall and surrounding it with decorative white-washed pieces, this will fool anyones eye into thinking you have magically furnished a classic farmhouse fireplace. A gorgeously authentic idea for both your bedroom and living room.

country cottage

The farmhouse influence will forever be in our hearts with its timelessness transcending year on year and from season to season,  why not try some of the above tips and evoke your own take on the trend throughout Autumnal and Winter.

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