A Scandinavian Christmas

A Scandinavian Christmas

The land of ice, snow, reindeers and warm fires, Scandinavia is as close to a perfectly idyllic Christmas as you can possible get, whilst also being a cosier alternative to the north pole. The previous few Winter's have seen the Nordic Christmas swooping through our homes and interiors, with their beautiful design elements stealing the hearts of many.

scandi snug

This style has become increasingly popular year on year, as home owners are turning towards a minimalist interior. This Scandinavian influence revolves around a pared palette of soft neutrals with heavy textures, pops of metallics and natural, raw wood elements. This style embraces the tranquility, simplicity and relaxed nature of Scandinavian living, with a stripped back atmosphere based on clean lines and tactility. Read on to discover their best kept secret into a truly gorgeous home, this Christmas.

dimly lit scandi home



Scandinavian homes are most recognisable by their beautifully stark white appearance with burstings of natural light through a heavy scatter of windows, complemented by soft lighting in the evenings created by dimly lit candles and lanterns. It’s also important to realise fairy lights aren’t just limited to your Christmas tree, they can create a beautiful affect when draped over mantlepieces, shelves, coiled up in glass jars or even hung vertically in the corner of a room for a twinkling glow.

window lighting

By using a generous amount of different lighting, you will notice your space becoming more open and stripped back, typical of the Nordic style of living.


christmas tree

When planning your Christmas tree this year, less is definitely more. Do as the Scandi’s do and opt for a minimalist tree by using fewer decorations and making sure they are all within your neutral colour palette. When choosing decorations, consider geometric shaped pieces, mixed with metallic additions for a glistening appeal.

scandi christmas tree

If you’re looking to embrace this trend to its full, often large branches, twigs or handmade wooden trees can be most effective when embellished with ornaments hung in a consciously spaced arrangement. Believe it or not, a modest and simple tree is the way forward. Could the evergreen be never more?


home colours

If you are all about colour and vibrancy at Christmas, this trend will definitely push you out your comfort zone. But that's not a bad thing, right? This trend is based on a neutral colour palette which is continuous throughout the entire home. Think whites, creams, soft greys and natural pastels with rustic and organic woods, barks and stones.

home colours 2

In stripping back your colour scheme you will create a non-stressful, more peaceful environment of serenity, which purely focuses on the heart of home design. Of course, this doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed a gentle splash of festive red here and there to give a hint to the season. We recommend using red throughout decorative pieces only such as the odd bauble, ribbon ties or fairisle cushions and stockings.


rugs and cushions

Give a strong nod to the Nordic’s by using an abundance of different textures and fabrics throughout your home, whether it be rugs, throws, cushions or furniture. The Scandinavians value slow design and conscious buying, therefore long-lasting, rustic looking furniture pieces are key. Pieces that are rustic without looking antique are iconic, for example worn leather chairs or strong wooden tables. The feel of worn leather can be complemented beautifully with a sheepskin rug draped over the back or under the feet of chairs to give your toes a hug every time it is stepped upon.

table and textures

We love how faux furs, woven fabrics and chunky knits are used in contrast of each other throughout sofa throws, bed throws and scatter cushions, for a chalet chic look. For an ultra luxurious touch, spoil your guests on Christmas day by placing a small sheepskin rug underneath each table chair or onto of each wooden chair for them to sit on. They will feel warmer just by looking at them!


evergreen branches

Now for the fun bit! Nothing finishes off the Scandi home style better than a generous helping of homemade arts and craft pieces made by you and the little ones. Again, remember to focus on neutral colours to avoid overpowering your interior. Use sprigs of evergreen branches and pine cones for a fresh, seasonal scent which will bring nature's wonderful winter elements indoors. These can be used to create your own wreaths and miniature Christmas trees for your mantlepiece or stairways.


Another popular craft is a hanging mobile crafted from garlands, feathers, twigs, red berries and even chimes to create upper level interest and movement, alongside bunting made from sourdough biscuits and fabric swatches. To continue the theme throughout, dress your Christmas table with napkin ties crafted from fine rustic rope with a sprig of rosemary, berries and a stick of cinnamon to immerse the room with the divine scent of Christmas.

napkin rings

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