Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

We all know that setting those New Year resolutions are easier than keeping them. In order to do this, you must train your mind and lay out a new lifestyle, because after all, we are nothing without our health! Begin by deciding on your objectives whether it be to lose weight or simply become fitter, and then determine what will help you reach these goals. We have some simple tips that will help get you on the right tracks towards a healthy body and healthy mind...


Clean Eating

They all say that abs are made in the kitchen and it’s all about a healthy balance between good food and regular exercise, keeping in mind that everything is within moderation. Don’t let yourself obsess over weight loss supplements or get bogged down over a detox, but instead find a balance between eating the foods you love combined with healthy choices in sensibly sized portions. It’s easier than you think, and channeling the correct mindset and setting goals can help you a lot.

A huge part of this process is keeping your metabolism strong and in order to do this, we suggest you eat little and often as opposed to fewer larger meals. Ideally, your breakfast should be your biggest meal of the day! To ensure a healthy lifestyle and diet, be sure to include plenty of vegetables, colourful fruits, essential fats and lean proteins in the majority of your meals. So, let’s take charge of our health and look a bit more into what the dietitians and health experts are telling us about this year’s super foods. Prepare to clear out all that junk food you have hidden at the back of the cupboards and left over from the festive period to avoid you slipping back into old habits.



Replace refined grains such as white rice/bread, pasta, sugary cereals, cookies and crackers, with healthier options such as whole grain quinoa, brown rice, rye bread, and unsalted nuts and seeds for alternative snacking options. Nuts are classed as a superfood because the nutrients they hold have the ability to reduce the risk of heart disease. You only need to have 1oz a day for them to make a difference. So, go nuts for nuts!



Although some see these as rabbit or bird food, including more seeds in your diet can be a huge positive when bringing healthy fats and proteins into your diet. Pair flax seeds, sunflower seeds or sesame seeds with soups, yoghurts or porridge for an extra healthy and tasty combination.

Oils and Sauces


Hydrogenated oils and salad dressings can often be the devil in disguise, so instead swap these for healthy olive oils, lemon juice, avocado oils and balsamic vinegars. Garlic is an amazing ingredient to use in or on your food due to its ability to kill bacteria and lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Not to mention it makes everything taste that bit more delicious! Another quick tip moving forward is to try and cook your meals with coconut oil as this contains natural saturated fats, which can also improve your cholesterol.



Important for digestion, fruit provide the fibre you need to reduce cancers and aid a healthy heart. Berries can have a great impact on your general health, immune system and even improve your skin, so try sprinkling them on your breakfast or in yoghurt for dessert. Within the berry family, blueberries in particular are another superfood which you should try and include in your diet because they boost your immune system and contain the most active antioxidants. Note: Although fruits contain natural sugars and are important to include in our daily diets, these must be eaten in moderation and balanced with veg for the 5 a day system. Eating too many pieces of fruit a day can cause eventual weight gain and an uncomfortable stomach.



When you feel yourself getting peckish, try snacking on vegetables such as carrot and celery crudités paired with a humus dip to tantalize your taste buds. In your meals, particularly your evening meal, try including Kale into your concoction as this superfood contains 10 times your recommended daily number of vitamins, which promises to give you that healthy glow we’re all craving. You may even want to join the ever-evolving green shake hype by blending a mixture of your favourite greens with some fruit to get your 5 a day in. Our favourite green shake combination to try is a mix of avocado, apple juice, ginger, spinach, cucumber and coriander blended with ice to create a yummy green slushy.



Regardless of what the marketing industry has led us to believe, protein really is one of the most powerful ingredients when looking for a lean physique and muscle growth. From the lean meats like turkey and omega 3 and essential fatty oils-ridden salmon, proteins such as egg yolks and livers are also classed as this year’s superfoods. Egg yolks can be combined with any of your 3 meals a day and are full of protein, vitamins and antioxidants. Try these on top of a slice of rye bread with smashed avocado for a healthy and tasty combo. Whilst many may turn their nose up at livers, they are bursting full of copper and vitamins A and B which are a great source of nourishment!



Now the food side is settled, it is key to compliment this with the correct exercise. Everyone choses different forms of exercise depending on their age and ability, but any exercise is better than none. Let’s have a quick look into the new exercise trends that are fueling 2018.

At Home Workouts


We all know that the hardest part of a gymming routine can often be actually finding the motivation to get yourself there. Now, with the growing effect of Instagram influencers and online tutorials being released of all the different home workouts that you can do, this method has become increasingly popular meaning you can exercise from the comfort of your own home. It’s a win, win!

Group Classes


If you struggle to find motivation and need some guidance and assistant with how to exercise properly for you, group exercise classes are an amazing way to workout with likeminded people, to encourage each other and to get some individual attention specific to you via the instructor. Often this method doesn’t even feel like exercise, just see it as a socializing event!

Barre Ballet


If you’re looking for something a bit different that will test your body in a different way, do as the Victoria Secret Angels do and why not give Barre ballet a shot. This focuses on your posture and stretching whilst working with a ballet barre to help give you the flexibility, posture and leanness of a dancer. C’est magnifique!

Stretch Classes


For those days when cardio or higher intensity exercise seems impossible, stretching is the perfect alternative that requires a lot less energy and will make you feel like a new woman after. Also working as a great way to help our bodies recover from a workout, this will lengthen your muscles and make exercising easier in the long run, just make sure you keep it up!

Voila! All of the above is your guide to transforming your way of living this New Year and you can take on 2018 with a healthy body and healthy mind. We would love to hear any of your tips and your progress! Get in touch on our social channels at #JCbodyandmind, good luck!

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