Your January Home Update

Your January Home Update

January is the perfect time to get your home organised and get rid of any unnecessary junk, to help organise your renewed lifestyle and way of thinking. Now all the festive decs are out the way, it’s time to move in some refreshing décor and orderly arrangements to give your home the update that it needs.

Use storage

First things first, use extra storage solutions as your go-to. Choose from endless options of storage units, boxes and baskets to put away all your clutter and streamline your space to make it feel bigger. If your style is country-esque, we love using wicker and woven baskets with a wholesome and rustic finish to hide away any paperwork, shoes, ornaments or electronics that don’t need to be on show all year round.

wicker baskets

If your style is more contemporary, installing floor to ceiling sleek cupboards give a modern finish and minimalist appearance. Low-level cupboard storage provides practicality and avoids dominating valuable space in your living room. You may prefer to keep your carefully arranged books and ornaments on display, which is ideal if you’re going for an open floating shelf look and a point of interest in the room.

open shelves

Use Flowers

Just because the Christmas tree and garlands have vanished, this doesn’t mean the void should not be re-filled. Replace your festive shrubbery with freshly cut flowers and refreshing succulents. For an understated winter orientated display, pussy willows are beautiful for a stand-alone arrangement with their velvety buds or give the first early nod to Spring by integrating them with flowers such as daffodils.

pussy willow

Alternatively, add lively green succulents such as cacti, air plants and fiddle leaf figs. These will all add wow-factor and a healthy vibrancy to your room, using air plants in hanging glass globes from the walls or ceilings for an added point of interest.


Use Fresh Sheets

When it comes to your bedroom, it’s out with the old festive fairisle bedding and in with fresher more minimalist cosy sheets, which are perfect for between seasons and to keep you warm this blue January. Of course, at this time of year everyone likes to do a bedroom revamp on a minimal budget and our winter sale collections feature just what you’re looking for. Reversible bedding designs are an effective way of offering alternative looks and styles throughout the change-over season.


Checks, stripes and geometric designs give your home a contemporary and versatile move away from Christmas whilst florals and paisley prints give a feminine and happy welcome to the new year. Be sure to choose brushed cotton and cotton-rich bedding to keep you warm and cosy over the transition into Spring.


Use Fragrance

Open up your senses to new fragrances this month by choosing a scent that holds a promise of spring whilst still holding onto that winter holiday essence a little longer. As we can often be consumed with the negativity around January, fragrance has the power to bring your mind back to a happier place and evoke favourable memories of somewhere or someone.


Find a basic luxury scent that will lift your mood and calm the mind. Our white tea fragrance induces warm vanilla swirled with bergamot and fresh lime to elevate the atmosphere and aurora. If you’re struggling to decide on your new chosen fragrance that you believe will work for you, we suggest purchasing votives of different candles and aromas to help you decide which compliments your mood and senses best.

white tea

Alongside these home refreshes, be inspired by our team’s new year’s resolutions and our healthy body and mind top tips to guide you down the right path, this 2018!

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