5 Top Tips for Festive Entertaining

5 Top Tips for Festive Entertaining

Whether it’s a festive dinner party or a cosy night in with friends watching Christmas films, there are many ways you can bring the festive spirit into your home while entertaining your loved ones. Create yourself some wonderfully magic festive traditions, deck the halls, and above all, spend time with your favourite people. Allow yourself to entertain and be entertained by the festivities, have fun and don’t let the pressure get you down with these 5 handy tips for festive entertaining. Seasons Greetings and Happy Holidays!

Tip 1: Be prepared

Festive entertaining without a doubt, starts with festive food. Everyone has their favourite dish, that recipe that they can’t wait to make during the winter months, or that special shop bought treat they daydream about until it’s finally back on the shelves. Be prepared, buy your ingredients as soon as the temperature starts to drop, you never know when your extended family will ‘drop by’ and you don’t want to have to make a mad dash to the supermarket to find the shelves empty and very disappointed cousins!


Tip 2: Set the table

Aside from the obvious novelty crackers, accessorise your table with some festive napkins and napkin rings to add a sense of festive fun to your dining space. Add a touch of your own personality with a homemade table centrepiece using some faux flowers, leaves and red berries along with plenty of fairy lights, to really impress your guests and create a great conversation starter. Complete your festive table set up with winter themed plates and bowls, along with the obligatory champagne flutes to toast the festivities.

Christmas decorated table

Tip 3: Deck the halls

Invite your loved ones round to decorate your home together, put up the Christmas tree, hang the twinkly lights and sprinkle tinsel on every available surface. Create new festive memories while blasting out your favourite Christmas songs or once all the halls are sufficiently decked, snuggle down and watch a classic festive film with plenty of winter scented candles and warm, cosy blankets.

Christmas wreath

Tip 4: Create new traditions

Go for a winter walk across the countryside, attend a carol concert with loved ones, create your own family Christmas card to send around to your extended family or try taking some festive photos to give as gifts. Create new traditions to make the festive period feel even more special every year with a sprinkle of your own festive cheer.

Christmas tree decoration

Tip 5: Keep a ‘stock gift’ pile

Collect small but thoughtful gifts throughout the year to make sure you are 100% prepared for those unfamiliar distant relatives turning up unannounced with gifts for you and your whole family. Avoid the awkward one sided gift exchange and save the stress with your own ‘stock gift’ collection to pick and choose from, for the right recipient. It is usually the thought that counts, but the festive period can be hectic, so make it easy for yourself and be prepared!

Christmas present