How To Hang Pencil Pleat Curtains

How To Hang Pencil Pleat Curtains

Hello my names Maria from @the_magpie_home and I’m absolutely thrilled to be working with Julian Charles on a new post for their blog. I have collaborated with Julian Charles through my Instagram account before and I was over the moon when I was approached to work alongside such a wonderful company again.

I made a few brief videos on how to hang pencil pleat curtains which prove extremely popular via my Instagram account therefore I am going to go into a bit more details in this blog post to help people understand that pencil pleats are not as scary or hard as you might think…

So here is my simple but easy step by step guide to hanging pencil pleats curtains…Enjoy!

Before starting

Always check the size is right before you pull the pleats on the curtain, as once they have been pulled it can make them non-returnable.


Start by getting one panel out first, slightly pull out the strings at one end and knot them. We will be working from the opposite end but it’s very important to tie this off as otherwise you will pull the strings through the tab top.


Then, slowly pull and gather the pleats from the other side. I find it easier to wrap the strings around a few fingers pulling slowly and pushing the pleats further down the top of the curtain towards the other end that we already knotted in step 1.

Top tip: working slowly and pulling the strings gently is the best way otherwise if you are too strong you will snap the strings.


Once you have gathered all your pleats you will have something that looks like this. Don’t tie off the strings just yet as you will need to make sure this panel is the right size first. You will do this by holding up the panel to your window and making sure it will reach the middle point of you curtain pole so they can be drawn. If your panel doesn’t reach the middle point you will need to loosen the pleats by gently pulling them back again.


Once you are happy with the size of the panel you can tie off the strings. Don’t cut them as you may want to use the curtains on another different sized window in the future therefore you may need to open the strings to change the size of the panel. Just neatly tuck the stings at each end into the curtain so they are not on show.


Hooks at the ready, there are 3 different levels you can place your hooks on depending on how you want the curtains and pole to look. The lowest level will hide the rings and curtain pole (which is my favourite one), the middle level will show some of the pole and rings, the top level will fully show the curtain pole and rings. Once you have chosen where you would like to place your hooks its time to get them all in, I prefer to space them out on every 4th pleat to make sure the curtain is nice and secure and not drooping at any points.

Of course, you might also be using track hooks, which would be the same principle as the curtain hooks.


This is a very simple step, time to get the curtain up. I find it easier to put all the rings on the pole first then slowly hook onto each ring.


Repeat steps 1 to 6 for the second panel.

I hope you have all found my step by step guide on hanging pencil pleats helpful and simple.

Here is the completed look-

To view the full video tutorial. Take a look here - @the_magpie_home