Modern Bohemia

Modern Bohemia

As we move into 2018, the interior world has reached its peak with Scandinavian-inspired minimalism and instead, we steer towards it's sister, warm minimalism. Defined by raw, homely and more inviting feels, the warmer months are all about a more lived in and slightly more chaotic finish inside your home because after all, summer means freedom!

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Although Bohemia doesn't come as a surprise to the wonderful world of interiors, it is one that many people hold a special place for in their hearts and homes. Year after year, we see the Bohemian influence come through as we transition through spring and into summer. Whether you're a colour pop fanatic, embroidery enthusiast or understated ultraist looking for a hint of spice, the Bohemian trend can be incorporated into every home style in one way or another. This style has enticed nomadic souls and free spirits from all around the world, with its overseas global treasures and eclectic rugged mishmashes. The spectrum of this trend can stretch from one side of the world to another, with each country treading their bespoke stamp on it.

If you're a savvy influencee of the Boho trend, you can spot which countries culture and local crafts have influenced specific homeware pieces, but the great thing about this trend is that there are no real rules or restrictions. The eclectic finish of the bohemian movement makes it an easy and accessible trend for all to evoke and enjoy, not forgetting the number one rule; more is more! You can never have enough prints and with this trend, the more contrast the better. Try using tonal ikat prints with punchy tie-dyes or a less brash version with harmonising coloured patterns but in clashing fabrics.

Typical bohemia elements can vary from mixed house plants such as cascading ivy, Monstera in hanging macramé overhead baskets and a mixture of mini and large cacti in terracotta pots. These plants will bring a tropical and earthy feel to any room whilst adding healthy succulent vibrancy. Create a tribal feel and partner these plants up with hand crafted bold patterned crafts such as Moroccan rugs, rattan furniture, woven wall hangings and embroidered cushions and pouffes for a wonderful handmade quality feel.

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So, in light of all this, our designers just couldn't let you miss out! They have tried to bring a range of colours, styles, patterns and prints to help you evoke the Bohemian trend via your personal style but with a boho modern twist. Our range of reversible printed and embroidered bedding, eclectic scatter cushions, rugged throws and patterned curtains offer everything you need to give each room a nod to the trend.

Our first contending collection is a tropical duvet set called Paradise, featuring large printed all over succulents entwined with birds of paradise in fuchsias, emeralds and canary yellows. To offer a versatile look to your bedroom, the reverse print of this design is featured in monochrome to allow your colour pop accessories to do the talking. Just because you're going for a slightly chaotic and rugged bohemian look, it doesn't mean you have to skimp out on the quality and feel of your soft furnishings. This duvet set is crafted from pure 200 thread count cotton for that added bit of luxury to your bedroom. Don't be afraid to set this bedding against a vibrant colour pop feature wall for a Mexican bazaar splendour.

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Next up we have our Palma bedding which is adorned in modern tropical leaf silhouettes in monochrome pale greys with hints of pink for a feminine touch. The reverse of this design shows a darker more muted version of the leaf print in grey and white for a more understated option. This bedding will give your bedroom a breezy and balmy feel and is crafted from super-soft 200 thread count percales, making it practical as well as stylish. Pair this bedding with some macramé or crochet room accessories for a softer more ladylike bohemia tangent.

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If you're worried about over kill and prefer to keep your bedding more understated, this design will let your room décor and accessories become the focal points. Our Monza bedding evokes an overseas twist with its Aztec-inspired geometric embroidered border set against a crisp which background in an easy-care fabric blend. This design comes in both grey and navy embroidery dependent on your desired colour palette. With Monza's slight coastal feel, use an array of carefully arranged house plants around your room to pick out the organic nature of this style or use Moroccan-inspired accent pillows to bring a subtle boho-vibe to this muted room.

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If changing all your bedding designs doesn't appeal, why not think about where else you can incorporate new soft furnishings. Your windows are a key area to focus on when considering an interior revamp, so why not try dressing your windows with our Rowan modern leaf print curtains in splashes of green and greys, the perfect way to set a botanical style influence in any room.

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Moroccan-inspired accent pillows bring a subtle boho-vibe to a neutral room, so say hello to our show stopping scatter cushions. Our Flamingo reversible cushion sits within the Paradise collection with its large coral pink flamingo on the front and bright fuchsia bursting Lillie's on the back. Just when you think it can't get any more fab, this cushion is crafted from soft-touch velvet for a super cosy feel and textural interest.

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If the tropical Mediterranean style isn't for you, perhaps you're looking for a more Indian inspired influence? Transcend the culture with our printed photographic Elephant cushion surrounded by an Aztec mural pattern in earthy terracotta shades, reversed with bold Aztec monochrome patterns. If you're finding yourself cushion obsessed and indecisive as to which to choose, why not ditch the sofa and opt for a floor seating area for honest Bohemian living. Pad out the floor with an abundance of Navajo rugs, eclectic patterned cushions and embroidered pouffes for the ultimate chill zone where you and your guests will find your zen.

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Finally, consider partnering your cushions with contrasting throws in different colours, styles and fabrics for textural interest and that shabby chic look. Our Faith throw crafted from chenille-look fabric is beautifully soft to touch which knotted fringing running along the edge. Available in vibrant colours such as coral and blue, this throw will be the perfect finishing touch to your new floor seating arrangement, end of your bed or the arm of a chair.

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So, now you've got all your inspiration, it's time to put this trend into practice. Whether you're looking for inspiration yourself or offering ideas to others, why not upload your images to our social pages with the hashtag #JulianCharles or follow us over on Pinterest for more influential notions. We can't wait to see how you get on!