Curtain Poles

Not only do curtain poles act as a functional item, they are also key in enhancing your room and complimenting your curtains.

Choose the right curtain pole for you with our wide range of designs from sleek contemporary poles for your eyelets, to traditional ornate poles for your classic pencil pleats. For help on fitting your curtain poles, take a look at our buying guide here.

Our complete pole kits  

Our complete kits include everything you need to put up your curtain poles including finials, brackets and 1 ring for every 10cms of pole. Holdbacks and extra rings are also available for some ranges.

Curtain weight guide  

Pencil pleat curtains with header tapes can be used with curtain rings on poles, whilst eyelet or tab top curtains can be used directly on the pole without the use of rings.

Curtain Weight Chart

This guide is based on a 150cm track/pole (Weight per set of curtains)

Extra light0 to 1kg
Light1 to 2kg
Heavy3.5 to 6kg
Extra heavy6 to 9kg

Curtain pole accessories  


You can give your curtain heading a more gathered look by using additional curtain ring

Using lined rings is beneficial for metal curtain poles as the nylon coating provides a smooth, silent gliding motion when opening and closing your curtains.

Curtain rings can also be used with pencil pleat curtains, where the curtains will hang beneath the pole.


The term ‘finial’ is used to describe the decorative object found at the end of the curtain pole. They also have a practical element, as they will stop your curtains from falling off the end of the pole. They are available in a range of materials and styles to create a highly decorative finish. Materials used for finial ends include metal, acrylic, glass and ceramic in many different colours and finishes.

Mix & Match curtain poles offer the widest selection of finial ends to suit your taste. All finials in the Mix & Match range are sold in pairs, and are available in 16/19mm and 25/28mm diameters.


Available as pairs or singles, holdbacks are fitted either side of your window to keep curtains in place. Available in metal or wood, they can be coordinated with your finials to create a complementary look. As part of our metal Mix & Match 16/19mm diameter range, the finial ends can also be added to the 16/19mm holdback arms, to create a perfectly matched set.

Tieback Hooks and Curtain Dressers

Used with your wooden or metal curtain wall hooks, decorative tieback hooks are available in pairs and simply loop over the hook, around the pulled-back curtain, and back over the hook to hold your curtains in place.

Curtain Dressers

Available in wood or metal to match your curtain pole finish, curtain dressers fit to the wall and extend a few centimetres outwards to provide a place to drape your curtains and effectively hold back the fabric.

Brackets and Joiners

We recommend using 3 brackets for curtain poles longer than 180cm to achieve a secure fit. Brackets supplied in our metal pole kits are ‘face fixing’, which means they should be fitted against a wall. If ceiling fixing is required, these brackets can be purchased separately.

Joiners are found in all two piece pole kits and are used inside the ends of the poles to join the two lengths together. We recommend using the centre bracket to cover the join, to provide stability and a neater finish. Additional brackets are available as accessories.

Draw Rods

Draw rods are used for opening and closing curtains, and can be used with poles or uncorded curtain tracks to protect your curtain fabric from day to day handling and reduce wear and tear. They easily clip on to the curtain hook or header tape at the edge of the curtain.

Measuring for curtain poles (JL)  

Decide where the pole is to be positioned. This can be either on the window frame or above it on the wall.

Measure the required width (A), taking into account the space needed for the curtains to be drawn back either side of the window (B).

Ensure there is space for your chosen finial at either end of the pole (C). Where space is tight, we can supply stud ends in place of finials, or recess brackets.

Measuring curtain poles

Attaching curtains to poles  

For pencil pleat curtains, fit the curtain hooks into the “eyes” on the bottom part of the curtain rings. The curtain should hang below the eyes, not cover them. If the rings are partly covered, they will push the heading forward, making the curtain stick out rather than sitting flush.

Place the end ring between the bracket and the finial to keep the end of the curtain in place when the curtains are closed.

Tab top and eyelet curtains fit directly onto the pole. Place the end eyelet or tab between the finial and bracket

Attaching curtains to poles