Luxurious feather & down fillings have excellent thermal properties, perfect for creating a warm 'tucked up' feeling. Synthetic fillings offer a practical alternative to feather, as they are non-allergenic, lightweight and easy to launder.
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With our wide range of fillings from natural to synethic, choosing a pillow and duvet can often be confusing.

Some of us prefer duvets that are lightweight and drape gently over the body whereas others prefer heavier duvets that create a 'cocoon' like feeling, which can be both achieved depending on the chosen filling.

If you’re an allergy sufferer, opt for one of our synthetic collections including Hotel Luxe, Feels Like Down and 5 Star. These all have non-allergenic coated fillings and casings such as hollowfibre or microfibre; synthetic fillings tend to offer greater support and 'bounce-back' properties.

Whilst our natural goose feather and down collections offer that superior luxury to those wanting a lightweight, breathable yet naturally insulating duvet and pillow. Feather and down filled duvets and pillows tend to be heavier than synthetic-filled and are not suitable for allergy suffers or those who naturally have warm body temperature, meaning synthetic filled duvets and pillows would be more suitable.

Find out more about the fillings we have on offer through our filling guide which will help you along your way.

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