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While having a high-quality bed and mattress is important for night-time comfort, it is the duvet selected that will truly ensure a relaxing, restful night's sleep.

One of the most popular options today is the down and feather duvet, which can feature fillings of plumage from several birds. The duck down duvet is one choice on offer, perfect for those who love a heavy cover that they can nestle into when the nights get cold. There's also the goose down duvet, which is a particularly soft option, guaranteed to drape itself comfortably around the contours of your body while you sleep.

When making your choice – whether you settle on a duck or goose feather duvet – it's worth considering the difference between feathers and down, as this could affect your decision. While feathers are the outer layer of the bird, down refers to the fluffy covering beneath that is airy and soft to the touch.

Natural filling duvets typically feature a mixture of both feather and down, encased within 100% cotton fabric for the surest guarantee of user comfort. However, if you are not a fan of natural filling, why not browse our wide range of synthetic filled duvets & pillows

At Julian Charles, we have a broad selection of competitively priced and luxurious duvets & pillows with natural fillings, so browse our range today and find the perfect cover for your bed.