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There's nothing quite like laying your head down at the end of a long day when you have the perfect pillow, that is. Having a sagging, lumpy or worn out one, on the other hand, can lead to nights of tossing and turning and morning-afters filled with aches and pains.

If you're looking to replace a tired pillow, there's a wide range of options on the market these days. Memory foam is much-talked about in the world of soft furnishings and if you want to upgrade your existing pillow, it is well worth considering. Originally designed for NASA airplane seats in the 1960s, this highly energy-absorbent and soft material moulds to the shape of your body, providing high levels of comfort. A memory foam pillow is a great option if you prefer soft to medium support pillows.

Many people swear by feather pillows. These products are long-lasting, easy to care for and offer great support. They are also lightweight and highly transportable. If you're a fan of feathers, look no further than our fantastic goose down pillows. Striking the perfect balance between softness and support, these superior products are the last word in nighttime comfort.

With the number of allergy sufferers on the rise, more and more people are seeking solutions to keep dust mites and other allergens at bay. If you're one of these individuals, our anti allergy pillows may be of interest to you. Filled with hollowfibre material, they offer a great solution for anyone looking for a more hygienic sleep.

Why not combine your pillow purchase with a set of pillow protectors? Pillow protectors offer help to protect against bacteria and dust mites, for a healthier night’s sleep.