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Sink into pure luxury with our wide range of different togs, fillings and fabric cover feels.

Our duvet guide will teach you which filling is right for you and advise on what tog to use for what season. Our fillings range from natural goose feather and down encapsulated in a down-proof cover to avoid the feathers escaping, to man-made hollowfibre and microfiber filling which are easy to care for and are perfect for all allergy sufferers.

Choose your tog by your body temperature habits, we offer togs from 4.5 to 15 but also have all seasons duvets which are made up of 2 beautifully different tog duvets that are perfect for keeping you snug and warm in the winter by combining them but also cool on mild summer nights by taking one away.

Lie on an extra layer of added comfort with our mattress toppers and protectors which are perfect for those looking to truly indulge, choose from cluster fibre quilted mattress toppers or waterproof mattress protectors.

At Julian Charles, we do not compromise on quality or comfort, all of our duvets are made from the highest quality materials and provide luxurious softness and give all year round comfort and a relaxing night's sleep.

Why not coordinate a duvet delivery with our matching pillows? Perfect for all year round comfort and allergy sufferers.